10 Woogie Weekend Sets We Can’t Stop Talking About

With so much incredible techno and house music there was bound to be more than a few memorable moments. It’s no surprise then that some of these sets were quintessentially the stuff dreams are made of. We’ll be releasing soundcloud sets soon to satiate your sonic cravings but for now here are a just some of the sets from this weekend that were the talk of the town.

When Jesse Wright, Woogie Stage Curator and Founder of Woogie Weekend, asked his team what they enjoyed Friday night. They said Extrawelt was a true live set that blew peoples minds. “It was masterful and energetic. And it left us all saying wow”. Wright also said that Mathew Jonson’s live set incorporated a full mixing board and the amount of quality and intelligent funk that came out of his set was crazy. “People were saying he exploded.” said Wright. “Like, he totally blew the doors off the place.“


Nicole Smith, Former Art Director had a friend tell her that Mark Farina’s set was “Funky as f*ck. It was so good that she had to go get another friend to dance with her.” While Mark Farina was attracting people to the dance floor Y2, Director of Marketing heard that Jonas Saalbach attracted swarms of viewers to the web when “he killed the live screen broadcast.”

Jesse Flemming, Do LaB Co-Founder heard that the back-to-back sets Marquez Wyatt and Doc Martin delivered an old school underground dance party. Patricio DJ and Founder at the Favela Bar of LIB, agreed that sets from Doc Martin and Marquez Wyatt “were insane. The energy was absolutely sick.” He said. “and Doc Martin even brought sounds I haven’t heard since the early 90’s. They both really know how to move the crowd.” Patricio, also heard that “Jon Hopkins brought a different element with ambient sounds and a lot of energy that was really inviting.”


For Rafael Marino, Do LaB Promotions Manager, his fiancé was enchanted with the performance from Benoit & Sergio. She said “They played a really beautiful set, and it was great watching the sun go down with their tunes in the background.” Several lesser known artists also delivered memorable, quintessentially Woogie vibes. “Heiko Laux, for instance, is an artist I’ve never heard of, he shared. “but I was so thankful I ended up at the hive when he bagan. He played the dirtiest darkest techno ever and it put me in a state of sheer bliss.” The two agreed though, the Live Set from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs stole the show with a closing set to end all closing sets. Marino thinks he may be the most talked about performer at the event because “TEED really showed up to play. The set was pure fire. It was also the proper way to end the festival in style.”


Photos by Juliana Bernstein / Get Tiny Photography