2-Day and 1-Day Passes On Sale Now!

We know that sometimes it’s not in the cards to take off 3+ days from real life, so we’re offering you the chance to attend Woogie Weekend on a Sat & Sun or Sunday only ticket!

Be sure to check out who’s playing which day of Woogie with our daily lineup!

Woogie Weekend 2 & 1 Day Pass FAQ

Why can’t I purchase a Saturday only pass?

The nature of Woogie Weekend doesn’t allow for Saturday only tickets because there is no separation between the campgrounds and main festival area. Unlike major festivals who provide several security check points to enter the festival (think Coachella, EDC, etc.), Woogie Weekend is an open format festival where there is no checkpoint to enter the festival from your respective campground (trust us, it’s better this way). Once you’re in, you’re in – so we advise you get the full weekend or 2-day pass if you wanna Woogie!

When can I arrive if I purchase a 2 Day Pass?

One Saturday when gates open at 10am

When can I arrive if I purchase a 1 Day Pass?

One Sunday when gates open at 10am

Can I camp if I’m arriving on Sunday?

No, Sunday only passholders may not set up camp on Sunday.