5 International Legends Bringing Beats to Woogie Weekend

Techno lovers rejoice! Some of the most iconic international house and techno names are headed to Woogie Weekend to deliver refreshing sounds, stylish beats and a history lesson modern day househeads won’t soon forget. For those who may be unfamiliar with some of the phenomena on this year’s lineup, don’t worry. Within a few minutes at one of the two Woogie Weekend stages you’ll discover these are the game changers from the genesis of techno that have contributed in numerous ways to the sound of the scene as it is today. Indeed, these are the figureheads of the industry from all over the world known for delivering a cadence that’s perfect for the most discriminating techno loving timetraveler.

If you attend a lot of festivals (or wish you could) and are hoping for a musical experience in the next one that truly is refreshing and unique, then join us for Woogie Weekend and revel in the authentic sounds of the artists that started a psychedelic movement through the power of music that ended up transcending language barriers and generations.

Need a sample to get of taste of the techno to come? Check out these five hot artists and prepare to Woogie with all your friends!

WW16_ArtistPromoTile_NoLogo_ExtraweltExtrawelt | Hamburg, Germany

The stellar duo, Extrawelt surfaced from the cultural caves of the german underground, on the record label Cocoon which is founded by the highly acclaimed producer Sven Väth, a frontrunner across the pond and a musical powerhouse bridging the worlds of techno, house and electronica. When Arne Schaffhausen (DJ, Producer) and Wayan Rabe (Producer, Audio Engineer) allied to create Midimiliz (translated: Midi Militia) the group became a force to be reckoned with. Alongside their evocative style of transcendental ambience and signature blending of industrial sounds with techno beats, the two quickly became trance transcending icons with a psychedelic flair.  Their hit singles BUTBUTBUT, Zu Fuss and Soopertrack topped charts at home and abroad, with the latter selling a staggering 20,000 units of vinyl of Soopertrack in 2005. Through hits like these the duo have arguably paved the way for a remergence of techno across Germany and the world after it peaked for the first time in the mid 90’s.

Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue)WW16_ArtistPromoTile_NoLogo_Sebastian | Skåne, Sweden

Few are known to fuse minimalist techniques in a dialogue with the dance floor quite like Sebastian Mullaert. With a stylish class all it’s own, Mullaert (also known as one half of Minilogue, along with Marcus Henricksson) has over the years crafted a sound completely its own. As a result, he’s been continuously experimenting with new and different sounds, including the likes of Ulf Eriksson and Eitan Reiter. As far back as 1996 Minilogue members have been blending psytrance with techno as a Swedish Goa project known as Son Kite. Fast-forward to 2014, in his latest project WaWuWe (which Mullaert uses both as an onstage moniker and a genre) he demonstrates existential beats cradled in a funky rhythm with a minimalist style.

WW16_ArtistPromoTile_NoLogo_MathewJonsonMathew Jonson | Canada, Earth

Known for more progressive live trance from his work on Cobbleston Jazz and his work as the owner of the Wagon Repair label, Mathew Jonson has been featured in a variety of music publications including DJ, GO and Raveline in addition to the German music source Groove, where he was honored with an award as the Best Producer of 2004. His farout tracks like Decompression, Alpine Rocket, Folding Space, Typerope and Return of the Zombie Bikers have been frequently seen in top ten lists of peers and other producers in the industry like Gilles Peterson, Richie Hawtin, Tiga, Sven Väth and Laurent Garnier. On Sven Väth’s “Sound Of The Seventh Season” Johnsons signature can be heard in The India in me by Cobblestone Jazz and the track Puppet but much of the west is familiar with work has done with Chemical Brothers, Moby and Nelly Furtado.

Jon HopkinsWW16_ArtistPromoTile_NoLogo_JonHopkins | London, England

At the age of eight years old Jon Hopkins learned to play the piano. As the years past and he fell in love with Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys he applied his understanding of sound by programming digital music onto one of the first computers, an Amiga 500 to win a contest in his youth. From the prize money, he purchased a roland synthesizer and launched a career at the ripe young age of 15. Now in his thirties, his sound has refined but it still has that decorative ambiance that draws you onto the dancefloor as much as it wants to tell you a story. In other words, if dark and cinematic is your cup of tea than order two cups of Jon Hopkins during your stay at Woogie Weekend. Having made contributions to the works of Brian Eno, Coldplay and David Holmes, Hopkins has cemented himself as an English chart topper and talented producer. He has produced 4 solo albums, appeared on 3 movie soundtracks and put out 17 remixes from 2002 to 2014, including some big successes from tracks by Frou Frou, Leo Abrahams, Wild Beasts, Four Tet, Nosaj Thing, David Lynch, Purity Ring, Coldplay and Moderat.

WW16_ArtistPromoTile_NoLogo_RomanRoman Flügel | Frankfurt, Germany

As the co-founder of Ongaku Musik, Klang Elektronik and Playhouse Roman Flügel came to bring fun loving beats with an acid house grace. His name, losely translated means Roman Wing, which has been exchanged for a slew of other pseudonyms like Eight Miles High, Roman IV, Ro70 and (perhaps the strangest) Soylent Green. His collaborative album with Dell, Superstructure, earmarked a time in history when electronic music was experimenting with downtempos and an impromptu panaché. Most recently Fleugel released the album Happines is Happening in 2014, but since the start in 1995 he has risen throughout the international scene through his work on about 31 hit singles and EPs including a recent collaboration with the american (west coast) festival sensation, Simian Mobile Disco.



Photo Credit: Daniel Zetterstrom