From Air Guitar to Everywhere: a History of Blond:ish

Blond:ish originated in Montreal but is currently based in London as a DJ and production duo consisting of Anstascia D’Elene Corniere and Vivie-ann Bakos. Claiming the World Air Guitar Championship title in 2008, it is of no surprise that it has been entirely uphill for these two ladies since then. As family to notorious labels like Get Physical and Kompact and a handful of others, they have made an authentic name for themselves with their niche styled and sensual beats that will happily take any musical gathering deep into the afterhours and beyond.

Originally meeting by chance at WMC in 2007, it was a quick bond that that was set to takeover one of the midweek nights at Cherry Nightclub behind the decks. Ironically, the club night was called “BLOND:ISH” and it was their impressive work as promoters that had the name stick to their DJ act.

There is something special about midweek mangles because there is always a unique vibe no matter where you may be. Playing off of that energy, Blond:ish strays from being pigeonholed into any specific sounds while still remaining unique with their provocative basslines that are frequently fused with sonic textures. 8 years later and they are still holding down a residency for the Blond:ish night within Cherry Nightclub using their sophisticated House and Techno beats meanwhile they tour the world shaking it one show at a time.

They have also graced the decks at Burning Man for the past 4 years truly letting their inner wild child shine. Always insisting that a positive message be pushed through their musical journeys, it has been a never ending mission to help people expand their consciousness while spreading love through their DJ sets as well as their productions.

With their impressive roster of original genre defying tracks that boasts numerous successes comes a slew of remixes for many four on the floor greats including Pete Tong, Maya Jane Coles, a handful of others and even Depeche Mode.

Blond:ish is also frequently invited to play massive festivals and events all across the world such as Flying Circus, Symbiosis Gathering, Mysteryland, Ultra Music Festival, the BPM Festival, Wisdom of the Glove, SXMusic Festival, and ENTER. just to name a few.

Just recently debuting their Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 which they recorded in a makeshift studio in the depths of Tulum, Mexico, it is obvious that they have got their sights tightly locked onto the future so keep your eyes out for their next move. Whether it’s a show or a new track being released, expect a beautiful mix of electronic moods with vibrant undertones and dark House fueled rhythms.


Photo Credit: Yonathan Baraki