If you haven't heard about these Woogie Weekend sets yet, you will soon!
No Summer break is truly complete without some fun in the sun, a slip n’ slide party and a few surprises to keep everyone on their toes. Last year Woogie Weekenders we
Lineup Alexa Dunham Andrew Muñoz Ava Youssefi Casey Gomez Crystal Fischetti Jenny Huber Jessica Glancy & Rebecah Barraza Ngene Mwaura Olivia Bernardy Peter Goode Rahil Hamz
Check out the list of vendors, and prepare to enjoy the tastiest way to Woogie yet.
It'll be a DJ Set for the ages. Do not miss!
Five of the best local crews are coming to show you something extra special at Woogie Weekend!
44 hours of music, 5 afterhours crews, morning yoga, water games, and so much more!
Friends, prepare for greatness!
Get to know the dynamic ambient house duo, and listen to some of their tracks.
Who's ready to Woogie?!!