Food and Vendor Lineup

When you’re famished after a night of sweet beats, you’ll probably start thinking about how to keep charged and large on the dancefloor. It’s only natural, but all that dancing doesn’t run on positivity alone so when the wiggles begin to wear you out a little coffee, tea or water can go a long way.

Drinks? We’ve got you there fam, but at some point that’s also going to mean eating something hearty to keep you healthy out there. Fortunately you won’t need to go far, or even back to camp to get a warm meal chock full of nutritional toe-tappin’ fuel. In addition to free water stations at Woogie Weekend, we’ll have more than a dozen food and drink providers offering sizzling variations of your favorites like pizza, burgers, tacos and a bona fide smorgasbord of health conscious vegan and vegetarian cuisine! Check out the list of vendors below, and prepare to enjoy the tastiest way to Woogie yet.


Dough Lab

Do Lab Coffee

GT’s Kombucha


Gypsy Eats

Senor Corn

Peppers Thai

Giggle Juice Cafe

Follow our food vendors down the path and you’ll also discover our numerous fashion vendors with an expanded market place. Each of these have handcrafted costumery to keep you stylish and inspired. Want to show us how you express yourself? Come to Woogie Weekend and level up your festival fashion game with clothes from the communities most colorful artists. Whether you’re just looking for a sweater to keep warm at night or a new pair of flip flops to keep flippin’ and floppin’ you’ll find that perusing these clever designs and choice fabrics is more than a shopping experience. It’s actually a chance to support those heroes of self expression who champion authenticity and style both on and off the dancefloor.


Woogie Weekend Merch Booth

Kayo Anime

Gigi Moll


Lower Park

Larva Designs

Jumbie Art

Warrior Within


Mostly Minerals

Spirit Hoods

Wish Wear

Clean Carriage Soap, LLC

Noralina Freedom Designs


Cosmic Earth

Brooke Taylors Yoga

Rework Creative

My Willows

AD 2013

Wild Feather


Eternal Mode

Airbrushing Booth

Gypsy Tonic




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