Highlights of Woogie Weekend 2016

We came. We saw. We Woogie’d.

Thanks to all those who joined us and for anyone who didn’t we hope you’ll Woogie with us next year! If you’re the type to enjoy a little saunter down memory lane from time to time or you just want to know what you missed then drink in these highlights from Woogie Weekend and soak in the dreamy nostalgia that made our time together something we’ll hold onto forever. Stellar sets from Claptone, Jon Hopkins, TEED, Extrawelt and more took us over the moon and the back-to-back sets from Doc Martin and Marquez Wyatt made us weak in the knees, but the music wasn’t the only thing dazzling our senses at Oak Canyon Park. Read on Woogie fam and see the experiential gems that made Woogie Weekend the wacky world of wonders that it is.

Art Walk and Murals


photo by Juliana Bernstein

Thanks to all the artists that supported us through the Do Art Foundation at Woogie Weekend. About a dozen live painters poured raw imagination on canvas in a truly mesmerizing display of art that showcased a medley of styles from distant cultures. During the Art Walk participants were able to ask artists questions so that they could learn more about the inspirations behind their creations. The Art walk and murals also kept folks exploring the lake in search of the perfect Woogie Weekend momento. Inquiries about purchasing a piece of art can be sent to Shannon@doartfoundation.com.

Wiggy Sunday Throwdown


photo by Juliana Bernstein

Hair-Dos took a turn for the extreme when revelers descended on the Hive and Kaleidoscope stages on Sunday. The floppy wigs and ear-to-ear grins made this party an experience in personal expression to relish both on and off the dance floor. Some wigs were curly and others were long. Some even had all the colors of the rainbow. With shiny locks on lock we’re expecting the Wiggy Sunday tradition will definitely be back again soon.

Party Animals of Saturday


photo by Watchara

Saturday unleashed our wild side with sets from Claptone and Lum. Animal costumes were encouraged and the dancefloor didn’t disappoint. In a menagerie driven by house music fans sported fuzzy ears, fur coats and onesies to get in touch with their inner power animal. We were also blessed with live sets from Beacon and Jon Hopkins. Some animals got into character by decorating themselves with face and body paints while others chose to express themselves more subtly, with light summer clothes and leashes.

Bijoulette’s Slip n’ slide and Water Balloon Fight


photo by Watchara

With bullhorn in hand and matching retro florescent peach and yellow swim suits the zany clown characters of Bijoulette egged on the crowd to compete for bragging rights, zesty refreshment and whole lot of slicked up glory. Later in the day the fancy dance group paraded all the folks who had gathered for the slip n’ slide over to the open lawn by the lake directly to a large bucket of water balloons. That’s when several more colossal buckets appeared throughout the courtyard filled with water balloons and sheer madness ensued. The resulting mayhem was both invigorating and gratifying as friends became rivals and then the clumsiness and laughter quickly made them friends again. When the splashing settled and we stopped to catch our breath it was particularly impressive to see attendees picking up the rubber shrapnel from the war shortly afterward.

Yoga Classes were Top Notch


photo by Aaron Glassman

If all that dance floor debauchery had you a little sore then next year try incorporating a little stretching to wrap up the week loose, limber and smiling from ear to ear. Our Yoga instructors brought the goods each morning and Friday in the late afternoon so we want to send out a special “thanks” to all our yoga teachers (Shawni, Shayn, Michelle, Kishan and Gigi) for being the sort of world class instructors that help us take our Yoga game up a notch. These folks came to have fun but they also provided the necessary love to keep us looking and feeling great all weekend.

Revo Lounge Renegade Party


photo by Soodyod

With a lineup of their own, the Revo Lounge came to play with the best renegade party at Woogie Weekend. In addition to delivering about 29 stage slaying performances from some of the top up and comers in Los Angeles the Noise Revolt team served up car camping shenanigans that included crowd surfing, conga lines and enough hugs to turn any frown upside down. They even brought out a surprise guest each day of the festival to keep us on our toes.

Taches Set got Flocked


photo by Juliana Bernstein

When the dance party surrounding Taches set was reaching a boiling point the Flamingo art car came zooming through the courtyard giving away plastic flamingos left and right. In a landing that resembled something out of a dukes and hazard car chase finally the audience exploded with delight as dancers circled the vehicle to parade the flamingos through the crowd. A small sign on the back of the Flamingo car delivered a message: “you’ve been flocked!”