Need to know what to expect while camping at Woogie Weekend? Read this!

In’s and Out’s

  • In’s and out’s will be permitted for Full Weekend Pass Holders
  • hours – open at what time? when do single day pass holders need to leave?
  • Always allowed to leave, ins only during box office/gate hours
  • Ins and outs are NOT permitted for those with car camping passes. Once your car enters the campgrounds, it’s to stay put until departing Woogie Weekend.


Trash In Campgrounds

Woogie Weekend is a “Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful” event. Just like at Lightning in a Bottle, all campers will be required to take their trash out with them and help us leave the venue better than when we arrived.

This isn’t the kind of festival where you trash the place and rely on festival staff to pick it up for you. Do LaB tries to create awareness and encourage people to take care of the communities that they live in and the planet they live on. The best way to do this is to plan ahead and bring as little trash as possible.

Every year the Do LaB event community grows and we need to rely on YOU to help spread this message to help teach and inspire the next generation.


Car Camping / RV Camping

If you purchased a car camping pass that means that you have the ability to bring your car into the campgrounds and have it with you at your camp. There is not a separate area for people with car camping passes.



Photo Credit: Oh Tony


There will be showers in the campgrounds for a fee. Bring a towel and some biodegradable soap.



No campfires are allowed at Woogie Weekend.

Fires are allowed in designated areas with existing fire pits.  If you don’t have a pit provided by the park we can’t allow any fires.


Cooking And Grilling

Enclosed propane grills are acceptable in the camping areas but NO open flame or charcoal grills will be allowed.


Camping Passes

All Full Weekend Passes include tent camping to the festival. What this means is that you will park your car in the general parking lot and walk to the campgrounds. The general parking lot will be accessible 24-hours a day during the event.


WW-sign-2---Oh-TonyPhoto Credit: Oh Tony

Camp Sites

All of the campgrounds will be named so you can coordinate with your friends to find out where you want to camp. There is limited cell phone service at this venue so meeting up may be difficult. We will put a detailed map on our website prior to the festival so you will be able to coordinate with your friends and plan ahead.


NO Family Camping

Woogie Weekend is an 18 and over event.  There will be no children or teen programing at this event. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Campground Hosts

The campgrounds will have hosts to assist you and to help make sure you are camping in the appropriate areas as well as answer questions that arise during your Woogie Weekend experience. They will be stationed throughout the campgrounds which will be indicated on the festival map. In the event that you need security, medical or law enforcement the hosts at these stations can help you.

Featured Image Credit: Daniel Zetterstrom