Got some Q’s? Cool. Here’s a list of some of our most helpful A’s.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

The event is 18+ with valid government issued photo ID. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.


Is tent camping included with festival passes?

Yes. Full Weekend Festival Passes include tent camping. If you’d like to camp with your car, you’ll need to purchase a Car Camping Pass in addition to your festival pass.


Are pets or animals allowed in the festival?

No dogs, pets or other animals permitted to the festival.

ESA (emotional support animals) and support/therapy dogs are NOT permitted.

Only medical service dogs that meet the legal requirements are allowed.


Questions About Getting Involved


Can I Volunteer for Woogie Weekend?

Due to the festival’s intimate size, we will not be having an open call for Woo Squad members at Woogie Weekend.

We encourage you to check back about opportunities to get involved at Dirtybird Campout! Work Trade apps usually open after tickets go on sale. Sign up to receive updates: dirtybirdcampout.com/2016


How can I apply to be a Vendor at Woogie Weekend?

All vendor slots for Woogie Weekend have been filled.

Also, sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on all things Woogie Weekend: bit.ly/WoogieMail


How can I get involved with the Promo team? 

Please email promosquad@thedolab.com with your contact info and resumé displaying any previous promotions work.


Where can I fill out a Press Application to cover Woogie Weekend?

The Woogie Weekend 2016 press application can be found here.


Yoga Questions


Can I teach Yoga at Woogie Weekend?

Due to the festival’s intimate size, we will not be taking yoga teacher applications for Woogie Weekend, but we encourage you to participate and apply next year at LIB. Presenter apps usually open up during General On Sale around the first of the year.


Will there be Yoga at Woogie Weekend?

Morning yoga classes will be offered within the festival before main stage music begins at 12pm. Bring your yoga mats for a chance to get limber and loose before you Woogie the day away!



Music Questions


When will the music schedule be available?

The schedule will be out about two weeks prior to the event. Stay tuned for an announcement on our social media accounts and make sure you sign up for our email list to stay updated on all things Woogie Weekend!


What Days have Music?

The festival opens at noon Friday, July 8th to allow people to come in, set up camp, and get ready to Woogie. Scheduled music will begin at 6pm on Friday and last until Sunday, July 10th. 


How Can I Perform at Woogie Weekend?

Please submit your music in a message to The Do LaB soundcloud page for consideration. To do this, just click the message button to the right of the “share” and “follow” button on the top left of the page.



Ticketing Questions


Is tent camping included with festival passes?

Yes. Full Weekend Festival Passes include tent camping. If you’d like to camp with your car, you’ll need to purchase a Car Camping Pass in addition to your festival pass.


Will there be Saturday and Sunday Tickets?

Yes, there will be 2 day passes (Saturday & Sunday) and 1 day passes (Sunday only) available soon. Stay tuned to our newsletter: bit.ly/WoogieMail


Can I purchase a Full Weekend Pass, then purchase a Car Camping Pass at a later date?

Yes, you can purchase the vehicle pass at a later date while supplies last. After purchasing the vehicle pass, please write to us here with your name, email, and order number so we can add you to a “do not cancel” list. Normally if festival & car passes aren’t purchased together, the car pass will be canceled after 24 hours.


Does each person need a car camping pass who is camping with a vehicle?

No, each adult will need a Full Weekend Pass to receive their wristband and enter the festival, however you’ll only need one Car Camping Pass per vehicle if you want to camp with your car.

So one of you should buy the Full Weekend with Car Camping, and the other people in your party can just buy a Full Weekend pass by itself.


What qualifies a vehicle car camping versus RV Camping?

Here’s an easy way to determine which pass you’ll need:

Van or Camper-Van = Car

Car with Trailer = RV

5th Wheel = RV


If I have a camper that sits on the bed of my truck, do I need an RV pass?

No. All you need is a Car Camping Pass as long as the camper is not being towed by your truck.


Are Children Allowed at Woogie Weekend?

Woogie Weekend is less of a family event than Lightning in a Bottle. Since there will be no children or teen programming available, and the event will be much more focused on music, we do not recommend brining children since there isn’t kid-focused activities in terms of an educational activity or immersive environments. With that said, responsible parents who plan on watching their children throughout the event will not be turned away.


Can I sell my ticket?

Yes, you can edit the name associated with the ticket through Eventbrite. Just have the buyer bring a matching photo ID and the order number to pick up a replacement at our Will Call Booth.


Is there a way to transfer an individual ticket to two or more people on a single order/transaction?

All Woogie Weekend tickets are print at home and can be split up by simply printing out the PDFs and separately dispersing them (or emailing them separately if you trust your buyer). The only thing the box office will check to grant entry is if the barcode is valid and hasn’t already been scanned.




Where do I park if I buy a Car Camping Pass? Where do I park if I don’t have a Car Camping Pass?

Car Camping means that you have the ability to bring your car into the campgrounds and have it with you at your camp. There is not a separate campground for people with Car Camping Passes.

If you are planning on tent camping without a vehicle you will park your car in the general parking lot and walk into the campgrounds.


If I have a Car Camping Pass can I camp with my friends who will be at an RV Campsite?

We do the best we can to accommodate car passes being able to camp with or near RVs. We can’t guarantee anything, but if you arrive early and together your chances of being able to camp next to your friends with car/tent camping will be better.


Can I get an RV pass with RV Hookups?

Unfortunately, RV passes at Woogie Weekend do not include hook ups and we will not have any available. You are welcome to bring your own low-noise generator to supply your campsite with power if you wish.


Are there Boutique Camping packages for Woogie Weekend?

We will not be offering Boutique Camping Packages for Woogie Weekend 2016.


Lost & Found


I Lost Something. Is there a Lost & Found?

Yes! Please email lostandfound@thedolab.com for information on all lost / missing items.

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