The (Not So) Secret Messages in the Music Videos of Oliver Huntemann

It is obvious that there is some real angst that crawls throughout the visual displays of Oliver Huntemann’s music videos. Could it be a hidden message between the kicks of the drum or a subtle yet meaningful play off of not words, but sights? Let’s figure it out together.

Huntemann’s music video for the track In Times of Trouble shows a young woman that looks like she’s playing dress up with a cynical smile spread across her face. Several vices including alcohol and cigarettes with a splash of vanity enter the scene and in an instant the video takes a 180 degree turn. The vibe is killed off with a pitch black background and a different woman is suddenly stripped nearly nude with obvious trepidation present.

The techno fury arises and it becomes apparent that it is a play between love and hate. What is wrong and what is right? Dwelling in the agony of the unknown the tune bristles with anxiety and explodes with pulsations in what appears to be only a dream. That is, unless it is only hoped to be a dream then we’re leaving the interpretation to be the reality of someone who only dreams that their actual reality was only just a dream.

How could you possibly define the blurred lines between the unknown and the perceptive judgment of what is thought to be known. That is the beauty of Huntemann’s videos.

The female archetypes are seething in ice cold angst regardless of the music video and it is a take on power for the female role. To name a few tracks: Rotten, In Times of Trouble, and Delirium are the prime examples of what his music represents.

Just like the music videos, his Techno is heady but not busy with very little to no vocals that can skew the perception of the song leaving the story in between sounds to be interpreted by the listener. You make whatever you want out of it and it appears that Huntemann wouldn’t have it any other way. Dwelling in the realm of the Techno greats, wonderful mysterious angst fueled antics have helped him rise to the top. Naturally, of course. Genius always masquerades as eccentricity at first glance.

Maybe it’s the minimalism that casts the dark vibe that transports us into a state of unknown wonder. Whatever it may be, these music videos can serve as the door to your deepest and darkest realities. Some may be easy to miss. Some can be easily witness and understood. And some, like this music video for Rotten, you may see and yet still choose not to face head on.

Whatever the reality may be, Huntemann wants it to be questionable but insightful through a one of a kind Techno journey.

Are you on board?


Featured Image: Courtesy of Oliver Huntemann