Theme Days and Activities Recap

In addition to being a smashing success, our sophomore year at Woogie Weekend was a smorgasbord of sumptuous summer vibes. We danced, we techno’ed and holy wow it was amazing. The theme days were a glowing highlight and the activities delivered summertime fun by the bucket load. Want to see what you missed? Check out this quick recap of some of the top moments from Theme Days and Activities over the weekend.

Safari Saturday

The events that transpired on Saturday bring new definition to the phrase “Animal House” and we couldn’t be more proud. Squads from all over descended on our two stages, the Kaleidoscope and the Hive, to unleash a dance party full of wild steps and zoo-like shenanigans. When the calm of the darkness fell someone hit the beastmode button and just like that the after hours stages from the good folks at Favela Bar lit up the night. Crews from Respect and Killahurtz also opened up a can of awesomesauce and poured it out into sonic samples that everyone could enjoy.

Wiggie Woogie Sunday


Photo Credit: Aaron Glassman

With dancing shoes on and wigs up top Wiggie Woogie Sunday brought out the best in us because those flopping doos cultivated smiles that sent spirits soaring. We especially enjoyed watching chance encounters when two particularly outrageous wigs would cross paths with one another. There’s no better cool club than the one found when accidental wig wearing twins meet for the first time. This Woogie tradition is sure to be one that is often followed in tumbling tufts from start to finish and plenty of hugs along the way.

Water Balloon Fight

Everyone knew the water balloon fight would be liquid carnage but few expected the attendees of the event to voluntarily pick up the popped balloons! There are so few events where people come together for music but find along the way that they also share a few deep-seeded ideas too. It’s particularly exciting for us to see a communal love of techno that also embraces the “leave it better, leave it beautiful” mantra that we hold dear. Not everyone helped in the clean up efforts and that’s okay, but the unprecedented cooperation by so many was both invigorating and inspiring.

Slip n’ Slide


Photo Credit: Juliana Bernstein / Get Tiny

It’s not really summer until you’ve hit the slip n’ slide. By the expressions witnessed on all the glowing faces it’s safe to say that the Slip n’ Slide remains a timeless classic. Since we like to do everything at 100 with a little extra weird it was only a matter of time before we showed up with inflatable pizza and animals to ride to sliding glory. We were also tickled by the entertainment of Bijoulette, who delivered danceoffs, dive contests and the best cheerleading we could have asked for.


Featured Image: Aaron Glassman