Yoga Spotlight: Meet Woogie Weekend’s Top Notch Yogis

We know you like to dance all night, but sometimes keeping those limbs loose requires a little stretching. That’s why we’ve reached far and wide to deliver specialized classes from the best yogi’s around. With stylistic expertise and decades of experience many of these accomplished pros come with a bona fide curriculum and a litany of lessons to level up your game. That means it doesn’t matter if you’re new to yoga or you’re busting Virabhadrasanas in your sleep, Woogie Weekend has got the goods to keep you refreshed, frolicking and dancing through the day.

Join us Friday at Sunset and Saturday or Sunday at Sunrise and get to know the yoga enthusiasts that make Woogie Weekend the dreamy place that is. Whether you’re just trying yoga for the first time or you want to hone your skills as a practitioner of movement arts, everyone has something to learn from the phenomenal teachers in tow this year. Here’s a little bit about the Yoga you can look forward to at Woogie Weekend 2016.


I have been studying Yoga since 2001 when I traveled to India for the 1st time and began teaching shortly after. Since then I have studied with many different teachers and many different styles until I finally found the lineage I would call home. In 2011 Yogarupa Rod Stryker initiated me into the Sri Vidya tradition. Yoga for me is a life style.

Class: Breate, flow & relax!  

Time: Friday at 7pm

Style and Description: Pranayama, Vinyasa & Meditation


Shayn Almeida is a DJ, Yoga Instructor, & Sound Engineer, known for his strong, up-beat, and musically enhanced Vinyasa Flow style. As a Yogaworks Certified (E-RYT500) Instructor in based Los Angeles, Shayn also teaches Plant-Based Nutrition & Sound Healing Workshops at Yoga Retreats & Music Festivals worldwide: LIB, Symbiosis, BRC, Yoga Journal.

Class: “Vinyasa Power” – ReConnect, Grow, and tap into your Flow!

Time: Sunday at 8am

Style and Description: A strong, breath-based, alignment-oriented class that consciously uses sound & music to enhance our connection to Mind / Body / Spirit. Strengthening our body, toning the Mind & harnessing the power of Spirit, we’ll release tension, ease stress, & ReAwakening our Connection to Source. Music is programmed specifically for the journey: a beginning-middle-end through our mind/body/senses, leading us from the unreal to the real, out of our ego/Mind & into our Hearts, to reconnect with our Highest-Self – Spirit. You’ll breathe, sweat, smile, and feel more grounded, open & connected to your Source of inner-strength. Vinyasa Power cleanses all aspects of our mind, body, and life so that we can see what’s real, and focus on what really matters: Radical SELF-LOVE. “This is a Journey into Sound, but, It’s also a Journey into Self. Once you tap into your Flow: your voice, your gifts, your own unique power of self-expression, there’s no question – Spirit guides You.” Come ReConnect, Grow, and tap into your Flow!

Michellemichelle bouvier headshot

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier is a yoga teacher trainer, Hoopdance pioneer, AcroYoga teacher, movement therapist & dancer devoted to the art & science of embodiment. A student of the Axis Syllabus, she is a creator of EmBody Retreats, Hoop Vinyāsa & Mandala Vinyāsa ~ invitations into non-linear practice. Based in San Francisco, Michelle is delighted to Woogie with you!

Class: Sweet Sunday Surrender

Time: Sunday at 8am

Style and Description: Somatic Yoga Flow ~ Yoga for dancing bodies, the way a sweet Sunday morning should feel: like honey. Savor a slow flow of movement, breath, sound and deep surrender that will replenish your body and nervous system for another great day of dancing!

Gigi Snyder gigi

Gigi was born in Hawaii, raised in South Carolina, and has resided in the Venice/Santa Monica area for over 10 years. Originally a fine arts major in college, she began teaching herself yoga and meditation to boost creativity and focus. In addition to teaching her daily classes, she leads workshops and teacher trainings internationally. Gigi also enjoys traveling, dancing, music, painting, surfing, hanging with friends and adventure in general.

Class: Genius Loci Yoga

Time: Saturday at 9:30am

Style and Description: All levels vinyasa flow that honors the earth and helps us connect with our inner spirit animal! Sacred, adventurous and fun, all levels.

Kishan Shah10478606_10152564441700320_6786038394932818889_n

Kishan Shah is a healer practicing Ayurvedic Holistic Medicine, Lecturer, Teacher of Yoga Meditation and Kalarippayat Martial Arts based in Los Angeles. He has trained extensively in India from the Himalayas with Swami Govindananda, in Mysore with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois to Kerala with Lino Miele. His primary influences on the method of practice are within the lineages of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati Maharaj and through his living teachers Vaidya Parla Jayagopal and Gurukkal C.M. Sherif. Kishan has been trained and heavily influenced by Shiva Rea and assisted her internationally for six years.

He teaches his Raja Vinyasa Yoga classes in Venice, California at the world-renowned Exhale Center for Sacred Movement and leads workshops, trainings and retreats worldwide.  He is a faculty member of the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, India and has presented his teachings at Zambhala festival in Goa, Pranafest, Mountain High festival, Tadasana festival, Lucidity festival and Lightning in a Bottle.

Class Name and Description: Coming Soon